Communication English Language


two weeks ago I discovered over www from a good Persian podcast named ChannleB in an older episode. the narrator was telling the story of “the boy of the internet” and the narrator talked about this social network. I’m so glad because not only I don’t use a VPN or any kind of proxy to access this network, but it’s full of people who think and write a lot in English and refer to so many other contents over the internet. I’m practicing English and communicating with some of them.

if you want to join me at this network, here is my profile.


English Language


First of all, I have to say that after a long time, I decided to have an English Blog to write in English and communicate with people who not only can’t read in Persian but also can read English. At the top, I’m writing here to switch from an English learner to be an English user. so as we know to learn a foreign language, we have to learn some skills and writing is one of them. so if you see some grammar mistakes in my writing, I’ll be thankful to be noticed and learn it to me. the second aim is to start a long term communication with foreign people and the third is to learn English and Arabic as one of my long terms aims in the strategic plan of my life to do mine.