Daily Management"


Sometimes I think that I’m not suitable for a Sales management position, as my job. But I believe I’m suited for being a manager at any organization. I have talent in management and fixing organization and also leading teams.  I’m reading books, blogs, and articles every day to find my way.

Anyway the basis of my thinking my unsuitability for my job now maybe because of low confidence and today’s pressures of the market and top managers who haven’t enough data about society and the circumstances. Some top managers don’t want to know reality because the wouldn’t have any solution! And who likes to say:” I don’t know”?

I wish I know God’s idea about my thinking. Insha’Allah.


Critical Moments

I think in every moment of life that we meet something annoying and stressful that hard to solve or hard to believe, like some problems in our job, personal life, personal treatments, our opinions or etc,  we have two ways: Engaging with the problem and making new ideas to solve and pass it or being disappointed. if we would be disappointed, we would pass some ways that feeling bad to us and making our mind unconfident about life, society and even be alive. and if we take some moments on thinking to find ideas to solve as the bests we can, we would discover ways that will be incredible and challenging, and Satisfactory.

This how I trying to meet my everyday problems.



Sometimes I need to write to be calm. perhaps from 21, I was so. its like water falling on fire. from sometimes ago I understood that making acts when you are not in a normal situation inner yourself, would be a cause of shame in yourself. so when I become angry or excited, I just want to write and nevermind whats the topic. just I need to touch my keyboard and write. like now.

Communication English Language


two weeks ago I discovered over www from a good Persian podcast named ChannleB in an older episode. the narrator was telling the story of “the boy of the internet” and the narrator talked about this social network. I’m so glad because not only I don’t use a VPN or any kind of proxy to access this network, but it’s full of people who think and write a lot in English and refer to so many other contents over the internet. I’m practicing English and communicating with some of them.

if you want to join me at this network, here is my profile.


English Language


First of all, I have to say that after a long time, I decided to have an English Blog to write in English and communicate with people who not only can’t read in Persian but also can read English. At the top, I’m writing here to switch from an English learner to be an English user. so as we know to learn a foreign language, we have to learn some skills and writing is one of them. so if you see some grammar mistakes in my writing, I’ll be thankful to be noticed and learn it to me. the second aim is to start a long term communication with foreign people and the third is to learn English and Arabic as one of my long terms aims in the strategic plan of my life to do mine.